liveTRACE Dead Cow liveTRACE is an exciting application of link analysis to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) data records and the National Livestock Information System (NLIS).  

Developed by Insight Analysis & Consulting for the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) in Victoria, liveTRACE is a suite of data visualisation tools that enables DPI to create link charts, timeline charts, maps and reports to analyse and trace all movements of cattle in Australia.  Processing millions of records on a daily basis the system has also been combined with property, disease, residue and other information to provide epidemiologists with a comprehensive and rapid capacity to respond to a potential disease outbreak.    read more about liveTRACE...

liveTRACE is just one example of a customised database solution that Insight Analysis & Consulting has developed for its clients. Contact us to find out how we can connect your databases and information sources to data visualisation tools and create a picture of your data.
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